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EIKON 2017



In March of 2017 we helped to create the first Waste Management and recycling exhibition staged in Northern Ireland for the whole of the waste sector. This event was eventually hailed as a fantastic success; not only from local companies, managers and supervisory staff, but also by many of the participants and a significant volume of orders and sales came both on the day and in the subsequent weeks and months that followed. With over 80 x exhibitors and over 800 visitors this fantastic inaugural event was immedaitely seen as a strategic step forward for the promotion of the waste & recycling sectors. Here are a few images taken from the pre-show DRONE footage.


Unfortunately, the file size of the actual drone footage is 243MB and this site will not allow us to upload such a big file. if you would like to view the images then we can make arranges to personally show this footage or we can transfer the file via the ICloud.

NB: please be aware that your firewall may prevent this size of file from getting through


Internal Displays

Internal Display Options


Companies can easily purchase a range of options with either Shell Schemes or Space Only



Shell Schemes
designed to display posters and show brochures – whilst meeting clients & friends each Shell comes complete with:
A 4ft table and 2 x chairs – complete with white tablecloth
A double power socket – for laptops, tv’s and video equipment
Twin spotlights
A printed company name board
Sizes range from 3 metres x 2 metres – up to 6 metres x 3 metres 

Here is a range of options:
Size (metres)                   Exhibition    Early-Bird price30%
3m x 2m Shell                 £1,141.00               £799.00
4m x 2m Shell                 £1,285.00              £899.00
6m x 2m Shell                 £1,428.00              £999.00

Space Only
Exhibitors will be encouraged to customise the floor area to suit their specific requirements & vehicle/machinery sizes. Everyone confirming and booking an Internal space can then avail of two further show offers
(1) Display other units externally — for an additional £600 +vat
(2) If you require a display shell on your stand then this can be purchased at the significantly reduced price of £450+ vat
Sizes range from 3 metres x 5 metres – unlimited

Internal Space Only – can be used to display single or multiple vehicles of varying sizes

Size (metres)                   Exhibition    Early-Bird price30%
5m x 8m (40sqm)          £1,000.00               £   700.00
8m x 8m (64sqm)          £1,600.00               £1,120.00
8m x 10m (80sqm)        £2,000.00               £1,400.00
5m x 16m (80sqm)        £2,000.00               £1,400.00
8m x 16m (128sqm)      £3,200.00               £2,240.00
10m x 16m (160sqm)    £4,000.00               £2,800.00
16m x 16m (256sqm)    £6,400.00               £4,480.00

External Space – Special Offer for Internal exhibitors ONLY
Once you have secured your Internal display area then additional space outside the halls can be purchased for £600.00 for your working demonstrations & additional vehicle/equipment displays