About Us

Greenbridge Innovations is one of Ireland’s leading events management and executive placement companies currently working exclusively throughout Ireland.

Specializing in the control and organisation of Conference and Exhibition management and also able to completely take on the role of show organiser for many of the countries leading manufacturers and suppliers.

Everything from printing the badges and making the sandwiches up to full AV presentation – Staging – Shell Scheme Displays – Complex Structures down to Banners & Pop-ups. We also have the full expertise to handle all the event Health & Safety and Security if required.

Business Address

Enterprise House
2 – 4 Balloo Avenue
Bangor, Co. Down
Northern Ireland
BT19 7QT

Office: +44 (0) 2891 477 397

Managing Director, Raymond Martin, has over forty years Sales and Marketing experience working with organisations like WOOLWORTH’s, HOOVER, AMSTRAD, SAMSUNG and most recently CIWM (Northern Ireland). He has developed a keen understanding of exhibitor needs and understands their deisre for visibility and the chance to SHOWCASE the range of products and services to maximize sales.

Office Manager, Cathy Murray BA(Hons)
holds a degree in Business Management and has been working for Greenbridge fo just over 15 years. She brings a wealth of knowledge and a cool head to the development meetings & she leads the in-house team. Cathy also is a senior surveyor for the BTA and has done extensive work on creating and designing their key documents structure.

Our team has been managing and organising major events since 2005. Our first major event was the 2005 World Toilet Summit held in Belfast’s Waterfront Hall. Over five hundred delegates from across the globe were invited and welcomed into Belfast to hear a range of very influential speakers discussing the extremely serious issues around global sanitation and hygiene. Particuarly regarding over 2 billion of the population that have little or no access to fresh running water or clean sanitation. The presentation parties consisted of speakers from UNICEF, the WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION and many leading industry experts. Alongside this major conference we created an accompanying exhibition in St George’s Market.

In recent years the team have been working constructivly with and creating events for a number of organisations, including the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management (CIWM), the British Toilet Association (BTA) and the British Cleaning Council (BCC) – while our most recent event was the waste and recycling show in the EIKON Exhibition Centre for CIWM in March of 2017


We also offer long and short-term executive placements and are currently providing the Chief Executive of the British Toilet Association. Previously we supplied the Chartered Institution of Waste Management (CIWM) with their Northern Ireland Regional Development Officer, provided a board Member to the British Cleaning Council and or MD is a sector expert to one of the British Standards Institute’s (BSI) committees.

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