Local Expertise in Management

GreenBridge is a local consultancy organisation that supports many overseas businesses to find, facilitate and deliver a diverse range of   goods and services to Northern ireland companies.

From intiial meet and greet to long term maintainance contracts

It can be extremely tedious and time consumong for many UK and European organisations to find the corridor and correct vehicle to service the NI market place. At Greenbridge we can help local businesses to source and find trade routes to support them.

Acting as a local agent we can guarantee regular contact and a speedy turn aaround for orders and imports. One of the greatest barriers to business is the ability or inability to meet directly with your customer. To understand their business plan and future development strategies. That’s where GBI can deliver a substantial benefit acting as a catalyst for sales and account management.

CALL  02891 477 397 or 07799 881 763

We look forward to working with your to expand or build your brand in 2021



Seminar Workshop Programme

The NIIEX theatre welcomes everyone to this year’s exciting Seminar programme. We are delighted to announce a new format for 2018 that will allow all our delegates and visitors some additional time to visit the exhibition and live demonstrations.

We have divided the presentations into BLOCKS to allow you to pick and choose which sessions are most suitable for the roles that you are directly involved in and which will be of most interest. Hopefully, we have something for everyone across the two days and the six main seminar sessions.


GreenBridge Innovations Limited is a CPD Approved Centre so all our seminar sessions are fully approved in principle.

Workshop Seminar Programme

We are delighted to announce that the Mayor of Lisburn Cllr Uel Mackin has gracefully agreed to welcome all our guests to EIKON.

Tuesday 25th September

Get th
ere early a claim your FREE coffee & bacon butty 

Session 1     Environmental

09.10 Chair Tony Law CIWM NI
09.10 Environmental Awareness Dr Mark McKinney ATG Group
09.25 The Benefits of ISO14001:2015 Gavin Kane Quadra Ltd
09.40 Recourceology Elaine Kerr International Synergies
09.55 Recycle NI Joseph Doherty Regen Waste
10.10 Infrastructure & Planning Owen Little DAERA

Session 2     Alternative Fuels

10.30 Chair Gordon Boyd GB Associates
10.30 CnG Vehicle availability & benefits Martin Flack Iveco
10.45 Refuelling Infrastructure Will Llewellyn Redkite Management
11.00 Biomethane from AD Shane Doherty Granville EcoPark

Seccion 3    Health & Safety

11.30 Chair Rosie Leech PSNI
11.30 Occupational safety Keith Morrison CEO, HSENI
11.45 Protecting your people John Thompson NI Safety Group
12.00 Healthy Recycling Martin Rafferty WISH NI & HSENI
12.15 Studying the dangers Rachael Hunter BSc student UUJ

Emergency & Planning

13.00 Flooding & Roads David Porter DOENI Roads
13.30 Planning & Prevention Jim King H&S Officer NIIEX

Tuesday 25th September

14.15      WISHNI Meeting
Waste Industry Safety and Health Forum 

Because of the large numbers of participants – this meeting will be held in the main Seminar theatre

Wednesday 26th September

Get there early a claim your FREE coffee & bacon butty 

Session 1     Environmental

9.50 Chairman TBC
9.50 Waste Regulations for the future Mark Livingstone DAERA – NIEA
10.05 Land Remediation & Invasive plants Dr Mark McKinney ATG Group
10.20 Recourceology Elaine Kerr International Synergies
10.45 End of Waste – does it matter Karl Hylands Re-Mine Limited

Session 2     Alternative Fuels

11.35 Chair Malcolm Bates Independent Journalist
11.35 Biomethane from AD Shane Doherty Granville EcoPark
11.50 Refuelling Infrastructure Will Llewellyn Redkite Management
12.05 CnG Vehicle availability & benefits Sean Clarke NI trucks & Iveco
12.20 The Electric Infrastructure Angela O’Shea Energy Savings Trust

All the speakers have been asked to make presentations at NIIEX

Please understand that this programme is (DRAFT) and may be subject to change if our speakers are unintentionally unable to attend. Every effort is being made to keep the programme on schedule for you.

NIIEX Exhibition


Tuesday 25th September 2018
Wednesday 26th September 2018 

N I I E X has been developed as the SHOWCASE EXHIBITION for all the waste industry companies and service providers from both Northern Ireland and Ireland. It will be a multi-disciplinary exhibition showcasing a wide range of vehicles, machinery technologies and specialist consultancies from all the sectors. It will also allow companies from across the UK and Europe to egt to meet buyers and frontline users of their equipment.

The main EIKON hall will showcase a range of static displays along with workshops and a conference theatre running a series of informative seminars and various manufacturers tool-box talks. Immediately outside this we have devised a range of interactive displays and “LIVE” demonstrations.

This years event will be staged over two days. Commencing on Tuesday 25th September at 09:00am and running through to 21:00pm that evening to allow everyone the chance visit after work, if necessary. On day 2 the event will again commence at 09:00am but will finish at 16:00pm to let our suppliers get on the road home.

Check out the growing list of companies attending by clicking the NIIEX2018 TAB on the top ribbon

Features will include:

A Central Display Arena – where you can watch a range of waste vehicles performing their in-built functionallity. From telehandlers, back-hoes and shovels to everyday collection trucks and seperation equipment. A great opportunity to hear directly from the manufactuers and discover a whole range of curent and new technologies.

An Integral Driving Track – take this fantastic opportunity to get behind the wheel of your next purchase or perhaps a complete range of vehicles. Maybe you would like to ride in one of our alternative fuel units and discover a whole new way to deliver cost-effective and environmentally efficient services.

The LIVE Demonstration area – Shredders, Compactors and a growing range of waste and recycling equipment will be on display and working. Giving everyone the chance to actually see this equipment fully functioning.

PLUS a range of waste and recycling equipment from table top to complete plant & servicing

The Eikon Exhibition Centre is a multi-million-pound exhibition and events venue situated in the heart of Northern Ireland at Balmoral Park, Lisburn. With over 10,000 sqm of space for you to promote your range of vehicles, machinery, equipment and skills professionalism in our sector. This year sees a radically new concept with several industry sectors joining together to promote a single show that will allow buyers and managers to access information and specifications on a wide range of equipment built both here in Ireland as well as across the UK & Europe. So, here’s your invitation to come along and join us at the biggest show in town. With new markets opening up and the many changes to the sector that BREXIT and the diverse and ever changing Social Economy are bound to bring; this will be an excellent opportunity for your organisation to discover Innovation, new markets and partnerships and the extreme diversity of your industry throughout the whole of Ireland – perhaps, in effect, right across the UK &Europe.

DON’T MISS your chance to join this wonderful SHOWCASE.

Call today on:   02891 477 397 or  07799 881 763


30% off the Full Exhibition Price
for full payment before 31st August 2018

Please Reserve Stand Size (metres) Exhibition Price 30% Off
Internal Shell Scheme complete with spot-lights, double socket, table, chairs and name board.
3m x 2m Shell Scheme £1,141.00    £799.00
4m x 2m Shell Scheme £1,285.00    £899.00
Internal Space Only – can be used to display single or multiple vehicles of varying sizes
5m x 8m (40sqm) £1,000.00    £700.00
8m x 8m (64sqm) £1,600.00 £1,120.00
8m x 10m or 5m x 16m (80sqm) £2,000.00 £1,400.00
8m x 16m (128sqm) £3,200.00 £2,240.00
10m x 16m (160sqm) £4,000.00 £2,800.00
16m x 16m (256sqm) £6,400.00 £4,480.00
External Space Only – to be used for working demonstrations & additional displays
Additional exterior exhibition area

all safety equipment/supervision provided

Having purchased an Internal stand    £600.00
5m x 16m (external display only) £2,000.00  £1,400.00
Vehicle Driving Track – 2 x day pass/voucher
Single Vehicle £250.00    £175.00
Multiple Vehicles (max of 3 units) £500.00    £350.00

All orders will be subject to a 50% deposit at time of order

To qualify for the Early-Bird discount then the remaining Balance must be paid on or before the 31st August 2018

EIKON 2017



In March of 2017 we helped to create the first Waste Management and recycling exhibition staged in Northern Ireland for the whole of the waste sector. This event was eventually hailed as a fantastic success; not only from local companies, managers and supervisory staff, but also by many of the participants and a significant volume of orders and sales came both on the day and in the subsequent weeks and months that followed. With over 80 x exhibitors and over 800 visitors this fantastic inaugural event was immedaitely seen as a strategic step forward for the promotion of the waste & recycling sectors. Here are a few images taken from the pre-show DRONE footage.


Unfortunately, the file size of the actual drone footage is 243MB and this site will not allow us to upload such a big file. if you would like to view the images then we can make arranges to personally show this footage or we can transfer the file via the ICloud.

NB: please be aware that your firewall may prevent this size of file from getting through


Internal Displays

Internal Display Options


Companies can easily purchase a range of options with either Shell Schemes or Space Only



Shell Schemes
designed to display posters and show brochures – whilst meeting clients & friends each Shell comes complete with:
A 4ft table and 2 x chairs – complete with white tablecloth
A double power socket – for laptops, tv’s and video equipment
Twin spotlights
A printed company name board
Sizes range from 3 metres x 2 metres – up to 6 metres x 3 metres 

Here is a range of options:
Size (metres)                   Exhibition    Early-Bird price30%
3m x 2m Shell                 £1,141.00               £799.00
4m x 2m Shell                 £1,285.00              £899.00
6m x 2m Shell                 £1,428.00              £999.00

Space Only
Exhibitors will be encouraged to customise the floor area to suit their specific requirements & vehicle/machinery sizes. Everyone confirming and booking an Internal space can then avail of two further show offers
(1) Display other units externally — for an additional £600 +vat
(2) If you require a display shell on your stand then this can be purchased at the significantly reduced price of £450+ vat
Sizes range from 3 metres x 5 metres – unlimited

Internal Space Only – can be used to display single or multiple vehicles of varying sizes

Size (metres)                   Exhibition    Early-Bird price30%
5m x 8m (40sqm)          £1,000.00               £   700.00
8m x 8m (64sqm)          £1,600.00               £1,120.00
8m x 10m (80sqm)        £2,000.00               £1,400.00
5m x 16m (80sqm)        £2,000.00               £1,400.00
8m x 16m (128sqm)      £3,200.00               £2,240.00
10m x 16m (160sqm)    £4,000.00               £2,800.00
16m x 16m (256sqm)    £6,400.00               £4,480.00

External Space – Special Offer for Internal exhibitors ONLY
Once you have secured your Internal display area then additional space outside the halls can be purchased for £600.00 for your working demonstrations & additional vehicle/equipment displays

The NIIEX Exhibition Layout

The NIIEX Exhibition Layout

The main EIKON 1 hall, which has 5,100 sq metres of display space, will be the first to fill and then we have the opportunity to extend the floor area into the NEW EIKON hall 2 offering a further 5,600 sq metres of space.

EIKON 1 offers over 4,000 sq metres of Internal Exhibition space
Space Only – for vehicles and larger equipment
EIKON 1 offers 35 x Internal Shell Schemes
Basic sizes: 3metres x 2metres & 4metres x 2metres – Custom sizes available
EIKON 1 will have a 100 seater conference theatre
A Conference programme is being devised and details will be posted shortly
EIKON 1 will have a 40 x seater workshop space for exhibitors to present “tool-box” talks
Companies exhibiting are invited to submit a request to get allocated slots
The main floor will be divided into four sections
(A) Waste, Recycling and Reprocessing
(B) Fire Safety & Emergency Planning
(C) Health & Safety Zone
(D) Waste Water


The Central Arena is a major enhancement for this event in 2018. Manufacturers and vehicle distributers are being invited to SHOWCASE their current fleet vehicles and this will afford many managers and purchasing officers the opportunity to see how these trucks and equipment actually performs. Demonstrations will be timetabled and the arena will revolve every two hours across both days.


The Driving Track has been secured and devised to allow suppliers to get potential buyers and interested customers to get behind the wheel or take a trip as a passenger in a variety of modern vehicles. Additionally, we are intending to showcase a range of Alternative Fuel Vehicles and these should be of extreme interest to future fleet managers.


As an additional feature this year we are encouraging many local manufacturers to arrange for “live” demonstrations of plant and equipment that is synonimus with our waste industry.
Having an up-close opportunity to see Shredders and Compacting machinery in ful operation and to get the chance to inspect the resultant waste stream should be beneficial to managers and controllers.

Additionally you can expect to see a range of installed handling and bin lifting equipment. Come and experience the chance to get up close and personal with many new technologies.