Internal Displays

Internal Display Options


Companies can easily purchase a range of options with either Shell Schemes or Space Only



Shell Schemes
designed to display posters and show brochures – whilst meeting clients & friends each Shell comes complete with:
A 4ft table and 2 x chairs – complete with white tablecloth
A double power socket – for laptops, tv’s and video equipment
Twin spotlights
A printed company name board
Sizes range from 3 metres x 2 metres – up to 6 metres x 3 metres 

Here is a range of options:
Size (metres)                   Exhibition    Early-Bird price30%
3m x 2m Shell                 £1,141.00               £799.00
4m x 2m Shell                 £1,285.00              £899.00
6m x 2m Shell                 £1,428.00              £999.00

Space Only
Exhibitors will be encouraged to customise the floor area to suit their specific requirements & vehicle/machinery sizes. Everyone confirming and booking an Internal space can then avail of two further show offers
(1) Display other units externally — for an additional £600 +vat
(2) If you require a display shell on your stand then this can be purchased at the significantly reduced price of £450+ vat
Sizes range from 3 metres x 5 metres – unlimited

Internal Space Only – can be used to display single or multiple vehicles of varying sizes

Size (metres)                   Exhibition    Early-Bird price30%
5m x 8m (40sqm)          £1,000.00               £   700.00
8m x 8m (64sqm)          £1,600.00               £1,120.00
8m x 10m (80sqm)        £2,000.00               £1,400.00
5m x 16m (80sqm)        £2,000.00               £1,400.00
8m x 16m (128sqm)      £3,200.00               £2,240.00
10m x 16m (160sqm)    £4,000.00               £2,800.00
16m x 16m (256sqm)    £6,400.00               £4,480.00

External Space – Special Offer for Internal exhibitors ONLY
Once you have secured your Internal display area then additional space outside the halls can be purchased for £600.00 for your working demonstrations & additional vehicle/equipment displays