Local Expertise in Management

GreenBridge is a local consultancy organisation that supports many overseas businesses to find, facilitate and deliver a diverse range of   goods and services to Northern ireland companies.

From intiial meet and greet to long term maintainance contracts

It can be extremely tedious and time consumong for many UK and European organisations to find the corridor and correct vehicle to service the NI market place. At Greenbridge we can help local businesses to source and find trade routes to support them.

Acting as a local agent we can guarantee regular contact and a speedy turn aaround for orders and imports. One of the greatest barriers to business is the ability or inability to meet directly with your customer. To understand their business plan and future development strategies. That’s where GBI can deliver a substantial benefit acting as a catalyst for sales and account management.

CALL  02891 477 397 or 07799 881 763

We look forward to working with your to expand or build your brand in 2021