The NIIEX Exhibition Layout

The NIIEX Exhibition Layout

The main EIKON 1 hall, which has 5,100 sq metres of display space, will be the first to fill and then we have the opportunity to extend the floor area into the NEW EIKON hall 2 offering a further 5,600 sq metres of space.

EIKON 1 offers over 4,000 sq metres of Internal Exhibition space
Space Only – for vehicles and larger equipment
EIKON 1 offers 35 x Internal Shell Schemes
Basic sizes: 3metres x 2metres & 4metres x 2metres – Custom sizes available
EIKON 1 will have a 100 seater conference theatre
A Conference programme is being devised and details will be posted shortly
EIKON 1 will have a 40 x seater workshop space for exhibitors to present “tool-box” talks
Companies exhibiting are invited to submit a request to get allocated slots
The main floor will be divided into four sections
(A) Waste, Recycling and Reprocessing
(B) Fire Safety & Emergency Planning
(C) Health & Safety Zone
(D) Waste Water


The Central Arena is a major enhancement for this event in 2018. Manufacturers and vehicle distributers are being invited to SHOWCASE their current fleet vehicles and this will afford many managers and purchasing officers the opportunity to see how these trucks and equipment actually performs. Demonstrations will be timetabled and the arena will revolve every two hours across both days.


The Driving Track has been secured and devised to allow suppliers to get potential buyers and interested customers to get behind the wheel or take a trip as a passenger in a variety of modern vehicles. Additionally, we are intending to showcase a range of Alternative Fuel Vehicles and these should be of extreme interest to future fleet managers.


As an additional feature this year we are encouraging many local manufacturers to arrange for “live” demonstrations of plant and equipment that is synonimus with our waste industry.
Having an up-close opportunity to see Shredders and Compacting machinery in ful operation and to get the chance to inspect the resultant waste stream should be beneficial to managers and controllers.

Additionally you can expect to see a range of installed handling and bin lifting equipment. Come and experience the chance to get up close and personal with many new technologies.